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Leave a Lasting Impression with Shipping and Packaging

Shipping and Packaging

Businesses aren’t always completely responsible for dents or damages which can acquire during shipping. Show your customers that you put as much thought into getting your product to their door safely and professionally as you did into the product itself. We’ve listed our top tips and advice on prepping your shipment to improve the condition of your product.

Leave a Lasting Impression with Shipping and PackagingStickers for Packaging

If you are looking for packing stickers or packaging stickers, Price Stickers have a range of solutions that can be used to ensure packages are kept safe, are handled correctly and are well looked after whilst in transit. By marking packed boxes clearly, you can protect your employees, customers, and anyone in the vicinity from hurting themselves.

You can also stop items from potentially being broken (a massive plus for companies that deal with fragile or expensive goods on a daily basis). ‘Do Not Stack’, ‘Keep Dry’ and ‘Glass – Please Handle With Care’ packaging stickers are just a few more of the many options we have available within our hefty range. Packaging Stickers come in one standard size, 80mm x 103mm. Once applied, they will stand out clearly for all to see.

Choose the Right Box

It makes sense that your box is strong enough to protect whatever is inside of it. Besides the obvious perception that comes with boxes that have little wear and tear. Whereas boxes in poor conditions are more likely to accidentally break or open during the shipping process and can result in lost, damaged or delayed items. For those reasons we suggest new boxes made of heavy corrugated cardboard are used.

The box you choose should be big enough for that extra cushioning; the bigger the box, the more expensive the shipping. You can reduce your spend on shipping costs by picking an appropriate size box for your product. Along with making sure your box isn’t too big, it is important that your box isn’t too small as your items will be less protected from bumps and prods that may occur between your door and the customers.

Keep Your Shipment Protected

You can never have too much cushioning with your packaging. Choose from; bubble wrap, old newspapers or corrugated wrap to secure your product in the box for delivery. Once you have padded out your box, gently shake it to see if your shipment is secure – if nothing moves then you’re ready to seal it.

Seal It

Secure your shipment with strong tape, we advise using a tape which is durable enough to secure your packages and withstand any contact with water or moisture. Some highly recommended tapes include; clear carton sealing tape, gummed kraft tape, and duct tape.

A general rule of thumb for packaging tape is to use at least three strips and cover all the seams, just be sure you don’t tape over the label’s barcode as it can make your shipment un-scannable and delay the process.

Choosing the Right Label

Here at Price Stickers, we make it a priority to supply the biggest range of stickers possible, ensuring we cater to everyone’s needs. There is no exception when speaking of packaging stickers either, where we have 7 different stickers for you to choose from. ‘Caution Heavy’, ‘Fragile’, and ‘This Way Up’, are among the more popular choices, where companies all over the UK can benefit from our low prices and our comprehensive range of packaging stickers. Some of the most popular packaging stickers we offer are:

  • Fragile Stickers
  • Keep Dry Stickers
  • This Way Up Stickers
  • Do Not Open With A Knife
  • Urgent Order

General Tips

We’ve gathered a few more pieces of advice to help keep profit margins high and spending low:

  • Buy packaging material in bulk to save on cost.
  • If you choose to reuse an older box, use block out labels to cover up old shipping information or writing.
  • Having multiple barcodes or labels on your packaging can cause delays or problems.
  • Reuse shipping materials such as bubble wrap and packing peanuts as often as possible.
  • Always make sure to check your shipping bills carefully and keep track of all shipping costs.
  • Use integrated form labels to save time — they combine customer invoices/packing slips with your shipping labels.

Why Choose Price Stickers?

For many years, we have been offering our high-quality packaging stickers to both businesses and individuals throughout the UK. All of our packaging stickers are printed using high quality materials and inks to achieve the best possible finish. Some of the reasons we think you should choose us for packaging stickers are:

  • Offer a great range of packaging stickers
  • We offer delivery across the UK, with express delivery options available
  • Affordable and high-quality packaging stickers
  • Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back
  • Genuine UK based seller

If you’re in need of packaging stickers, then be sure to order from Price Stickers. We offer a fantastic range of stickers for packing such as ‘Urgent Order’ and ‘Document Enclosed’. No matter what type of packing sticker you might require, we have a great selection to choose from.