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How to Remove Stickers

Removing Stickers

Stickers are regularly used by individuals, businesses and many different types of industries across the country. Although they are easy to apply it can be much more difficult to remove stickers. From removing the price off something to taking an old decorative sticker off an item, most stickers simply don’t come off as easily as they go on.

There are three main ways to effectively remove stickers, these include ‘Pressing, Rubbing & Scraping’, ‘Soapy Water & Vinegar’ and ‘Household Products’. The most effective method will depend on the type of self-adhesive residue used.

3 Ways to Remove Stickers

Rubbing, Pressing and Scraping

One of the easiest ways is to rub the stuck-on item with your finger, this will help to break it down and will be effective on residue that isn’t too resilient. If this fails to work or only takes part of the sticker off then try using a bank card of something similar.

Make sure the blade is flat against the surface and apply pressure against the sticker. It’s important to remember when doing this that there might be a risk of scratching the surface. If both of them fail or only partially remove the sticker then try using tape around your finger pressing it against the leftover residue and it should remove the remaining material.

Soapy Water & Vinegar

If you have an item such as a glass or jar that has a sticker on you need removing, then an effective method to remove it is submerging the object into warm soapy water. After it has soaked for a few minutes try using something like a credit card, scourer or sponge and rub it against the sticker this should remove most of not all of the materials.

Some objects use tougher self-adhesives which mean even after the warm soapy water method you might have some residue left behind. This is where vinegar comes into the mix. Vinegar is only best used on material such as glass as it won’t have any negative reactions. Vinegar is capable of removing most stickers and residues.

Household Products

There are many different types of household products such as cooking oil, specially designed food sticker removers, mayonnaise, peanut butter and many more. All of these can be usually be found around the home and will typically remove a sticker when rubbed against the surface.

Many household products that use oils are capable of removing stickers as the grease from the oil helps to break down the residue that holds the sticker together. Whenever you use a household product to remove a sticker it’s important to read the warning label or test it first on an area that isn’t seen. This will help to identify if the product will leave any marks or stains. Some products won’t, but cleaning products might contain bleach that can damage materials or fabrics.

How to remove sticker residue?

One of the key ways to remove sticker residue is by soaking a paper towel in warm white wine vinegar or using room temperature rubbing alcohol, you can then lay the sticker over the residue for a couple of minutes. You do this to soften up the residue, making it easier to scrub away. Another popular way to remove sticker residue is using WD-40, however we advise that you are cautious with this product and use this method with care.

How to remove stickers from plastic?

When it comes to removing stickers from plastic surfaces, the best way is to wet a paper towel or a clean rag with rubbing alcohol, you can then let it stand for a few minutes as this will soften the residue, then use the cloth to rub off what is left behind. This way is probably the safest method to remove stickers and sticky label residue from plastic safely.

How to remove stickers from wood?

One of the best ways to remove stickers involves soaking a cloth in white wine vinegar then laying it over the sticker, you should let it sit for around 5 minutes, next gently peel the sticker off the surface by using a scraper. If the sticker still hasn’t come off, try again and repeat the step until the leftover sticker or residue has gone. Afterwards you can wipe down the surface and polish it up.

For more information on how to ‘remove stickers’ be sure to get in touch with the team at Price Stickers today. Should you have any questions relating to stickers, the Price Stickers team are always on hand to answer any questions you have. Contact us directly via email or using the telephone number in the right-hand corner. Have fun shopping.

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