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It can sometimes be time consuming when customers persist to show interest in an item you have in store, especially once it has already been sold! It’s easy to eliminate the time spent in informing these customers however, by attaching ‘SOLD’ Stickers to the item in question. The Sold Sticker is perfect for use in retail environments where items might be sold but not carried out the store on the same day. Antiques shops or shops with heavy furniture are fine examples of situations where Sold Stickers would, and should, be used.

Below, Price Stickers have provided you with a range of Sold Stickers, each with it’s own characteristics. All of them are red, to stand out prominently on your items, but they differ in the number of lines and amount of space that is provided on each sticker for important details. If you are a customer caring business, leaving a little sorry not on the sold item, or a note that states when more of that particular item will be in stock can go a long way in maintaining or gaining new customers.

Please take the time to browse through our range of Sold Stickers and find the option which best suits your needs. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate in picking up the phone and asking us any questions you might have.