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5 Great ways to Support Your Football Team!

Sure, the World Cup is out the way, but there is still plenty more football to look forward to throughout the rest of the season.

As 2018 draws to a close, 2019 is just around the corner… and there is still an abundance of football to come in the new year. The Champions League, Premier League, FA Cup, Nations League and much, much more!

Thinking about how much football there is left to enjoy, we thought we look at 5 top ways to support your team throughout the remainder of the 2018/19 season.

1. Football Stickers

If you have children that are mad about football, chances are they will want football everything, but that’s not always possible! That’s not to say you can’t personalise ordinary furniture and belongings with stickers of their favourite club and/or players.

Price Stickers can custom print a wide range of stickers for home or commercial use. In the past we have print football club badge stickers, football player stickers, stadiums stickers, slogan stickers and more!

Football Stickers

2. Football Flags

Another great way to support your club is with custom football flags. Get your favourite football flag design printed out and can keep it handy for matchday.

Support your club in the best way possible with a football flag that you can wave high in the sky when your team plays.

Another alternative is to hang a football flag on your wall at home. If you have a home office, man cave or bar, football flags are a great way to give it a bit more character and make it unique to you.

Football Flags

3. Face Paint

If you’re going to a big match with the kids, they won’t be happy if they look around the stadium to see other kids with their faces painted. If you plan on going to plenty of matches with the little one’s, it’s a wise idea to keep some face paint handy so you can ready them for matchday. This way they can get right behind the players when the whistle goes and the match kicks off.

4. Football Chants

Learn the songs of your club and join in with the crowd when they are cheering your team on. Don’t just stand there like a wolly when everyone else is singing. The louder the crowd is, the more likely your team is to respond to the fans and give it their best shot!

It’s all about the atmosphere on matchday. If you can help to enhance the atmosphere in the stadium by singing football chants and songs, then this is another excellent way to show your club support.

5. Wear the Shirt

Probably the most common and obvious way to support your club – buy and wear your team’s shirt with pride!

There’s no better way to support your club/country than wearing the shirt, so make sure you get your favourite shirt in and wear it proudly the next time they play!