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Price Tags

Retail Price Tags

Retail price tags are the retail tags make it easy for shops to show customers the retail or sale price of products. Whether it’s a blank price tag or pre-printed price tag, you can easily attach them to the products, packaging or the place the products are held. Tags for pricing are commonly used by businesses throughout county.

At Price Stickers we offer a vast range of self-adhesive price tags, which can easily be attached to numerous different surfaces. The price tags we offer are available pre-printed with the cost amount on, or we have variations such as blank retail tags, where the price can be filled in.

Whether it be large or small price tags, people entering your retail premises will be able to clearly see the price of an item. Displaying clear shop price tags, can encourage people to purchase a product as they know the price of a product before they purchase it. Most retail environments hold sales, so replacing an existing retail tag, with a sale tag can show the new reduced price of an item.

Where can price tags be attached to?

Tags used to price items, can be attached to a number of items and surfaces. Our price tags use a self-adhesive sticker backing, to make them easily attachable and removable from items. The retail tags and sale tags we offer are designed and manufactured to be applied to various materials and flat surfaces. Some of the places they can be stuck to include:

Are Price Tags Easy to Remove?
The range of pricing tags we offer, are designed to be easily removeable. When you purchase our retail tags or sale tags, they can easily be removed by simply peeling them off surfaces such as material surfaces such as wool or cotton. When attached to other surfaces such as wood or plastic, they are designed to have the save easy peel removal process. The longer sticky price tags are left on for the more difficult they might be to remove, if this does occur then sharp nails or a small amount of water can easily resolve the problem.

Types of Price Tags

When it comes to price tags there are a number of different options available, from pre-printed priced retail tags to blank tags, and even sale tags. Most businesses with use some form of pricing tags, or sticky label, to show their customers the price of a particular item or product range.

Having been offering our sticky pricing tags for several years, we have fine-tuned the range that we offer, to ensure the best and most popular selection of price tags. At Price Sticker, we offer a vast range of printed price tags, including retail tags, small tags, sale tags and shop tags.

Benefits of Price Tags

Businesses throughout the UK use some form of pricing method, to ensure their products are priced appropriately. Although it might seem like a standard thing to do, there are a number of benefits that using a simple tag to price your item can have. Some of the benefits of price labels and tags include:

Items can be labelled with the correct price
Products can be reduced through the use of sale tags with ease
Tags can be attached and removed with ease
Are available with pre-printed priced
Tags can be attached to various surfaces
Choice of size and colour options
Shop Online with Price Stickers for Retail Price Tags
When it comes to needing sale or retail price tags for your business, then be sure to shop online with Price Sticker for them. We offer a vast range of price tags, including sale tags, shop tags and much more. All of the pricing tags we offer are designed and manufactured to a high standard. Shop online for price tags today with Price Stickers.