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Top 5 uses for Sticky Labels

What To Use Sticky Labels For

Sticky labels are used by many different people and industries throughout the country. There are so many different ways to use them for from labelling to pricing and so much more. At Price Stickers we use labels ourselves so we thought it would be a good idea to put together some of the top 5 things to use sticky labels for.

Top 5 Sticky Label Uses

Some of the top 5 sticky labels uses include:

#1 Colour Coding
Colour coding is a great way to keep of a number of things such as items, products, files and much more. Many different businesses and industries use colour coding as it’s one of the most effective ways to keep track of information. There are multiple colours available to choose from meaning you can clearly identify specific things with a colour coded sticky labels. Using colour coded labelling can be as simple as sticking them to something and then having a chart to identify what that thing is. Alternatively you can write on the coloured label to better identify what the colour is for.

#2 Labelling
Generic labelling in any form is one of the most common use for not only sticky labels but sticker too. Everyone likes to label things, whether it be to identify something or put a marker on something then a self-adhesive label is the best option for you. Labels can be plain, pre-printed or hand written. A label that attaches itself is more practical than one that need sticking down.

#3 Pricing
Self-adhesive labels are commonly used to price items. Sticking a price to the item clearly identifies how much something is or how much something might be reduced by. Sticky price labels can come in many shapes and forms from blank labels to pre-printed prices and many more. Pricing is commonly used by both retail stores, wholesalers and traders. They can be as big or small as you require. With advancements in technology many self-adhesive labels can be easily removed after being attached.

#4 Marketing
Self-adhesive labels are commonly used in the marketing of products. Whether it be to reduce the price of an item, advertise a promotion or to push social media. When sticky labels are used in marketing to push things such as social media they might be attached directly to items or to packaging. This is commonly done as it helps to promote both the business name and social media channels helping to grow brand awareness. Marketing is all about brand awareness and getting yourself in front of the customer so being able to easily attach a sticky labels to something allows you to do this.

#5 Packaging
Labels are commonly stuck to packaging to help promote businesses. Whether it be a simple company logo, website, social media or simply contact details. Having personalised sticky labels means you can help to create and grow brand awareness. Blank labels can also be used as address labels to attach to your postage and packaging.