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Promote your business with Social Media

How Can I Promote My Business With Social Media Stickers

Aside from many practical uses stickers are a great way to help promote social media channels. These types of stickers help to create and improve brand awareness and it’s more than likely that traffic and interaction with both your social media pages and even your website will increase when you use them. Many people use bland and boring packages and people will tend to just tear it off.

However, using bold and interesting social media stickers can make people take notice and once you’ve caught their attention then it’s almost guaranteed they check you out on social media. Using social media stickers are a great way to distinguish your business from the competition.

Adding something as simple as a like us on Facebook sticker or follow us on twitter and receive 10% off your next order can help to increase both traffic and conversions. It’s important to ensure that your social media sticker contains relevant information such link or what your social media name is. If this information isn’t on the sticker then make sure it’s clearly visible either on another sticker or a leaflet that’s in the packaging.

Promoting Your Social Media

Brand Your Products – Make sure you attach the stickers to all of your products. As long as it doesn’t damage the item then it’s fine to attach a sticker to it.
Brand Your Packaging – There’s no reason not to use a promotional social media sticker on packaging. They don’t damage anything other than the packing which in most cases is disposed of anyway.
Create Promotional Items – Social media stickers can also be used to push exclusive promotions such as receive a discount when you like or follow us.
Include Stickers With All Orders – Social media stickers should be attached to all orders. Whether it be directly to the item or to the packaging it’s important to make sure the sticker is attached to it.

Social Media Networks To Target

There are many different social media networks out their but there are a few keys one to use and target your effort towards. Some of the most popular social media networks to target include:

Facebook – Facebook has nearly 2 billion active monthly users
Twitter – Twitter has 319 million active monthly users
Instagram – Instagram is one of the most popular social media with young people
LinkedIn – LinkedIn has around 500 million member however it is more b2b driven
What You Can Attach Social Media Stickers To
Using stickers is easy, some of the most popular things to attach social media stickers to are:

Directly onto items
Around the local area
Be sure to check out the full range of social media stickers that we offer at Price Stickers.