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How to choose the right adhesive price label

Labelling Your Products

An important part of business is ensuring your items are priced to encourage customers to purchase them. Research has shown that when items are clearly priced, a customer is more likely to purchase it. Whether it be a personalised business label or even a standard pre-priced label, it’s important to make sure all items you offer have some type of pricing structure.

Although using price labels is important to making sure the customers knows the price of a particular item, using barcode labels can make keeping track of stock and sales much easier. Whether you’re labelling something with a price for customers or a price that you can scan, then it’s important to make sure that the adhesive of the label is capable of handling the purpose it’s need for. When labels are exposed to different temperatures and even surfaces, the type of adhesive required will change.

Ensuring that an item is correctly labelled will help to avoid confusion with pricing for both the customer and your employee.

Barcode Labels

When using barcode labels, it’s important to make sure that the label is printed accurately and to a high quality so the scanner can read it. Even with advancements in printing technology it’s difficult for many small businesses to achieve the quality of print needed for barcodes. So outsourcing to a labelling or printing company can ensure you have a readable barcode sticker.

Types of Adhesive

When it comes to labelling options, there are a number of adhesive options to choose from. So be sure to make sure that the option you choose, meets the purpose it’s needed for. Some of the most common type of adhesive used on labelling is:

The longest lasting labelling method is permanent ones. These types are difficult to peel off, meaning your label will last a long time once applied to the product or surface that your attach it to. Many businesses use the permanent option for thing such as marketing and promotion, as once the adhesive is cured it will be hard to remove.

Using a permanent option means you can expose your business to a mass audience, allowing you to grow your brand. The permanent option is a much more durable product and meaning it is less likely to fall off even in cold or hot temperatures.

High Tack
High tack labels offer a strong adhesive hold like the permanent adhesive but are usually easier to remove. The long term adhesive is suitable to be used on a range of difficult to hold surfaces such as moisture prone area. The high tack adhesive option is usually weatherproof, making them suitable for outdoor use.

Many businesses such as outdoor garden centres use the high tack adhesive option to keep prices clearly identified even on items that are kept in an area, that varies in temperature or moisture. High tack allows you to label items, offering a more permanent hold whilst still being removable.

The most popular type of any labelling option is the removeable self-adhesive labels. Choosing the removable option offer the same high quality look as any other option, but the adhesive used allows for a much more easy to remove type of label. This options is designed for either single or temporary use and can be used on a multitude of surfaces.

Businesses choose to use the removable option as it allows them to price items easy, whilst still being able to remove the sticker when it is no longer needed. Removable adhesive is usually easy to remove, and leaves very little marking if any.


Not all types of adhesive are suitable to be used in cold temperatures such as the freezer. Businesses in the food sector still need to price the items they offer, so finding an adhesive application that can withstand the cold temperatures of a fridge or freezer is important. Whilst some labelling options might be able to withstand the fridge or freezer temporarily most will tend to peel off or the sticker will degrade over time.

However, there are a number of freezer labelling options that offer an adhesive that’s strong enough to withstand the colder temperatures of a fridge or freezer. If you struggle to find a useable fridge or freezer sticker, then an option that uses permanent adhesive would probably be the best and most suitable option to use.