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Do you require Price Labels?

Why Should You Use Price Labels?

If you’re selling products then we always advise that you should price items. Pricing items is important as it allows people to know the correct price of an item before they purchase it. There are many different price labels available such as blank or pre-priced options.

Price is important to both business owners and customers. When you’re selling something people like to know the price of it before they purchase it. This means they won’t get caught off guard with any unexpected prices when they are at the till.

When businesses use price labels it allows them to work out profit margins and also track the sales volume of a particular items. Many labels might be used alongside barcodes so pricing can automatically be updated on till systems. Most type of businesses will use labels to price items whether it’s a clothing shop, newsagents or something else.

There are many type of pricing labels available to customers, some of the most popular types are pre-priced labels. These are usually quite bold and simple, but they attract the attention of the customer which helps to drive sales for particular products. At Price Stickers, we offer a range of price labels.

What Happens If Something Has The Wrong Price Label On It?

Your rights when it comes to item pricing depends on whether you’ve already purchased the item or if you’re going to purchase it. If you haven’t yet purchased an item and you take it to the till and are told the price on the label is a mistake, then you don’t have the right to purchase the item at a lower price. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t still ask the seller to honour the price that way on the label.

When you’ve already purchased an item and the shop sold you an item at a lower price than it was meant to be, then you don’t have to return it. Businesses are only legally entitled to ask you for more money if you’ve previously talked about the price with them, such as a shop telling you by email that something will cost thousands and then the business only charging you a say £10.

If you realise that you’ve paid more for an item than it was advertised for at the time of purchase, then you are well within your right to ask the shop for a refund of the difference. When doing this it’s important that you should keep any evidence of the mistake, such as an screenshot or a photo of an advert that you’ve seen.