Warning Of Suffocation Stickers

Keeping children and babies safe from any risks or hazards is extremely important. They don’t understand what is safe and what isn’t, so it’s up to parents to ensure children don’t get their hands on potentially dangerous things such as cellophane wrapping or bags. It can be easy to forget how dangerous these things can be if left unattended, so these stickers serve as a reminder of just how dangerous they can actually be.

If you sell products that use cellophane wrapping or cello bags then it might be worth using ‘Warning of Suffocation’ Stickers. The application of such will provide a gentle reminder to your customers to dispose of the bags or wrapping straight away after unwrapping, instead of leaving it on the table or the floor.

If you are looking for Warning of Suffocation Stickers your search can stop now. By clicking on the product below you will have the opportunity to purchase stickers in a range of different quantities. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions relating to Warning of Suffocation Stickers.

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