These stickers have removable adhesive.

When used on cardboard boxes they work best when stuck to the sellotape after you have sealed your boxes.

Home moving stickers are also available with a stronger permanent adhesive.

 Organise Your Move Efficiently With Colour Coded Easy To Use Box & Furniture Labels

Make It Easy For Your Removal Company, Friends & Family

Avoid The Constant Question

‘Where Do You Want This Putting?’

These Stickers Have Removable Adhesive Making The Stickers Easy To Remove For Re-Use Of Your Boxes

All stickers measure 18 x 78mm except ‘fragile’ which measures 30 x 66mm and ‘contents’ and ‘this way up’ which measure 45 x 65mm

Also Ideal For Use When Putting Your Possessions Into A Storage Facility

Pack 1 – 227 Labels (Suggested Use – 1 Bedroom Home)


27 Contents Labels, 18 This Way Up Labels, 12 Fragile Labels, 10 Bedroom 1 Labels, 10 Bathroom Labels, 10 Lounge Labels, 10 Kitchen Labels, 10 Bedding Labels, 10 Books Labels, 10 CD’s / DVD’s Labels, 10 Cleaning Labels, 10 Crockery Labels, 10 DIY Labels, 10 Electrical Labels, 10 Food Labels, 10 Glassware Labels, 10 Linen Labels, 10 Pots & Pans Labels, 10 Toys & Games Labels, 2 Paperwork Labels, 2 Jewellery Labels, 2 Shoes Labels, 2 Handbags Labels & 2 Make Up Labels



Pack 1 – 227 Stickers