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Large Rectangles or Butterfly Shaped Jewellery Price Stickers

SKU: jewellery-pricestickers
SKU: jewellery-pricestickers

Large Rectangles or Butterfly Shaped Jewellery Price Stickers

From: £3.75

Price stickers with removable adhesive, enabling the sticker to easily be removed without leaving glue residue once the product has been sold.

Supplied on sheets


SKU: jewellery-pricestickers


Butterfly Dumbell Price Stickers

Rectangular Dumbell Label Size 18 x 75mm – Each Rectangular End Measures 18 x 24mm

Butterfly Shaped Dumbbell Label Size 22 x 77mm – Each Butterfly Shaped End Measures 22 x 22mm

Removable Adhesive – Easy To Remove When Required Leaving No Glue Residue Behind

Stabilo Fine Permanent Marker Pens Work Great For Writing On These Stickers

Supplied On Sheets

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Large White Butterflies, Large Silver Butterflies, Large Light Pink Butterflies, Dark Pink Butterflies, Large White Rectangles, Large Silver Rectangles, Large Light Pink Rectangles, Large Dark Pink Rectangles