Similar to another popular retail offer which involves giving an extra product for free when you buy one, this time round you can give your customers an added item for half price after purchasing something from your shelves. ‘Buy One Get One Half Price Stickers’ are popular among business owners who want to promote certain products but don’t want to give anything away for free. Customers will appreciate the offers in place and are more likely to purchase them, and you as a business owner can benefit from increased sales and clearance of stock!

If you are looking for Buy One Get One Half Price Stickers you needn’t look any further. The products we have within our range are suitable for use in a wide range of retail environments and establishments in order to help promotions. Available in 6 different sizes and a range of quantities too, Price Stickers truly cater for our customers needs to ensure our customers can cater to their customers needs too.

From 13mm stickers right up to 45mm stickers, you can purchase a range of different sized Buy One Get One Half Price Stickers to suit the size of your products in question. Books, DVD’s and other small items will require only small stickers whereas larger items such as bookshelves and TV’s will need much larger stickers attached to them for them to be seen.

It’s common sense really. If you want to sell more, consider using offers such as ‘Buy One Get One Half Price’ to attract more attention to your stock.