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Sale - 1/2 Price - % Off Stickers


Now’s the time for that all important sale, where you hope to bring in new customers, or clear existing stock. Fortunately for you, Price Stickers make life incredibly easy. Choose the stickers which best represents the type of sale you plan to have, and away you go...

% Off Stickers

Cutting your products cost by a percentage is a great way to attract new customers, and you are far more likely to sell more if the item costs less than the price your competitors are offering it for. % Off Stickers are available for you to buy online today. Stick them to your sale items and watch as customers flock to purchase your amazing products.

½ Price Stickers

Selling your beloved goods for half the price is an excellent technique for gaining new customers. For many years now, retailers have cut prices in half to increase sales and generate more interest in a specific product. Whether you are reducing the cost of Toys, CD’s, Books, or other items, ½ Price Stickers are a cost-effective way of informing people of your new prices.

½ Price Stickers and % Off Stickers are available for you to buy online today via the Price Stickers online store.