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New / Ideal Gift / Special Offer

Within this category you will find a range of different stickers including special offer stickers, NEW stickers and Ideal Gift stickers, each of which can play an important role in the retail environment.

Special Offer Stickers inform customers that they can save money on a particular item. This might not be something they would usually buy but when they see the fantastic offers you currently have on, they will no doubt jump at the opportunity to buy products from your company at such incredible prices.

On too many occasions, customers can be seen stood still in shops, stuck thinking of what to buy a friend or loved one. Thankfully, the IDEAL GIFT stickers provide you with an IDEAL opportunity to showcase your products more effectively, especially one’s that would make the perfect gift for a Birthday or even Christmas.

NEW stickers speak for themselves really. If you have recently added a new product to your shelves then you need it to stand out effectively so that your customers can be the first to get their hands on it. Everyone loves something new, something that no one else has, and with NEW stickers, you can show off the new items you add to your shelves, whenever you next add them!.