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Mix & Match Stickers


Mix and Match Stickers are perfect for use in retail type environments, where the company in question is looking to inform customers about current offers or promotions. Different genres of CD’s or DVD’s for example, may be thrown into a mix and match box. Chocolate bars are another great example of how Mix and Match Stickers can be used appropriately.

Mixing and matching items has, for a long time, been a great way of clearing stock when a few items from various different categories are left over. 3 for 2 Mix and Match Stickers are extremely popular, where companies can sell three items, and the customer in question only has to pay for two of these items (usually the most expensive two). Price Stickers also offer general Mix and Match Stickers in black and yellow, and red and white colours, where you can decide upon different offers, such as 4 for £1.

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