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Footwear Size Stickers

Footwear Stickers
18mm Circles

Should you be looking for footwear size stickers, you have certainly come to the right place. Price Stickers have a comprehensive range of stickers for shoes that shows your customers the sizes of each pair. Can you imagine a world where shoes existed but footwear size stickers didn’t? It would be a lot less easy to establish the shoe sizes and more time would be wasted searching for the right pair.

We stock a wide range of Footwear Stickers to your needs, including most adult sizes ranging from 3 right up to 12. Colours vary and you can buy each stick option in a range of different quantities depending on what you are looking for. The stickers themselves are 18mm, the standard size for footwear size stickers found throughout the UK.

As well as providing you with a range of colourful and essential footwear size stickers, we also supply two important stickers which indicate the difference between genuine leather and real leather. Some people might prefer one or the other so it’s important to keep customers informed about what they are actually buying.

Here at the Price Stickers online shop you can choose from Genuine Leather Stickers, Real Leather Stickers and a range of different sizes. If you are looking for something slightly different to what you can see here. Please take the time to call us and ask us any questions you might have. We can answer any questions you have over the home and hopefully point you in the right direction for anything sticker related.