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Clothes Hanger Size Stickers


Imagine how difficult it would be to find the correct clothes sizes in shops if the hangers weren’t labelled? The answer is very difficult… Thankfully for store owners and shoppers everywhere though, we bring you a wide range of clothes hanger size stickers designed to make organisation and shopping easy.

As you can see below, Price Stickers provide a colourful range of oval stickers designed for application to clothes hangers. Choose from the sizes which best suit your clothing range and away you go. It’s as simple as A B C... or S M L in this case!

Prices Stickers are your one stop shop for stickers of all shapes and sizes. Whether you require hanger stickers for new babies, school children or XXL, we have everything you could possible need right here in one place.

Please take the time to browse through our range of Clothes Hanger Size Stickers and select from various options and quantities. We look forward to hearing from you soon.