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Clear Seal Stickers

Clear Seal Stickers are available with either permanent adhesive or removable adhesive, and Price Stickers have a range of shapes available to suit the requirements of your products. It’s up to you which shape, or shapes, you choose, as you need to make sure the sticker is suited to the surface or product you wish to seal.

Clear Seal Stickers are ideal for sealing small boxes or containers which might otherwise open if they weren’t sealed appropriately. These small stickers are relatively strong, and the type of adhesive you opt for will ultimately determine the overall strength of the seal. Removable Adhesive Clear Seal Stickers can be removed from items with ease, ensuring the surface stays in tact with no rips. Permanent Adhesive Seal Stickers will generally cause your packaging to rip when items are opened, but you will receive a much stronger seal than you would with removable clear seal stickers.

If you are looking for Clear Seal Stickers then please think about the size, shape and quantity of the stickers you require. We have rectangles, squares, circles and slightly smaller circles too, so be sure to think about your packaging or product in question before you make your purchase. You could always call Price Stickers today to talk to us about your need for Clear Seal Stickers.