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Blank Price Stickers


Blank price stickers provide you with the opportunity to fill in the gaps yourself. Unlike other stickers found throughout website, these stickers are literally a blank canvas, waiting to be attacked with your nifty handwriting or drawing skills. This is probably why we call them black price stickers.

Ok, so we have made you aware that these stickers have nothing on the faces, but that doesn’t mean they are boring. After all, they still stick to things….

Blank Price Stickers are available in a range of sizes and shapes, giving you the freedom you need to stick according to item sizes. It all depends on how big your writing is too. If you struggle to keep your lettering small, larger stickers are probably the best option for you. They allow you to be more creative, with added space to describe offers relating to the products in question.

Choosing larger blank space stickers also makes them more visible to customers walking through your doors. We assume the reason you are buying blank spaced stickers is to stick them to products that you want to sell? With that thought in mind, blank space stickers can be useful and effective in helping you to clear your shelves, which in turn will bring in more pennies!